Magic is fun to watch sometimes, and it gets a little out of hand. We often see that there is risky magic after, and for that, you need a lot of practice and expertise in the field. Today we will talk about the top 8 dangerous magic tricks you should not try!

8 Dangerous Magic Tricks That You Must Not Dare to Try

Some of the most dangerous tricks which can be detrimental not only for you but even for others are:

  • Sawing A Woman in half is very popular as a magic trick but risky at the same time. Abstain from it if you do not have the right knowledge and guidance to pursue it.
  • The Sword Cabinet is a classic magic trick; however, it is dangerous because the sword can be detrimental if you do not handle it correctly.

The Sword Cabinet


  • Escape magic is one genre that has become extremely popular in the past couple of years. But do not indulge in it unless you have the proper arrangements and training to go forward with it. 
  • Bullet Catch is a popular form of magic where the expert tries to catch a fired bullet. Not only can it be deadly for the magician, but anyone nearby is at risk.
  • The Razor Blade trick is an ancient yet very risky form of magic that one should abstain from practicing. Even if you are very trained, try not to indulge much in this field.
  • Roller Coaster Escape is a form of magic where it was originally seen that the hands of the magician are tied up, and he has to escape before the road ends. It is dangerous, and yet there is a way of excelling known by only this genre of magician Leeds
  • Fire Magic is also a very popular form of magic where we see that the magician tried to perform with fire at hand. Do not indulge in it without the right measures and supervision.

Fire Magic

  • Finally, the spike game is one where the magician has a lot of bags, and under each is a wooden slab, except for one where there is a long sharp nail. He has to slam his hand and avoid getting hurt. It is a very difficult feat, and one should abstain from it.

Magic is certainly something that keeps us entertained. However, try to refrain from performing the ones which are dangerous and can be risky. 

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