Please take a few minutes to browse the site and visit our horse and pony family, we think you will enjoy them as much as we do! Visitors are always welcome to the ranch by appointment.

All the horses and ponies here get the best quality feed 3 times daily, a clean pen, grooming, hoof care, vet care, worming and daily handling/training.

We have many references as to the care and kind of home our kids get, and they are our family!


Most seekers can’t avoid making the long, shouting cornets that sound great to their own ears, says best on the planet elk guest Chad Schearer of Shoot Straight). In any case, on compelled open land, you need to sound unique. “Simply shortening your trumpet will isolate you from the group and twofold your prosperity,” Schearer says. Similarly as essential: You don’t need to influence a full cornet to disturb a crowd to bull. Here are three truncated calls Schearer uses to sound more like the genuine article—and less like every other person.

The Half Bugle “This is a call that genuine bulls use to state, I’m here,” Schearer says. “It’s an affability trumpet, and a path for bulls to monitor each other.” To make it, you essentially slice your cornet short half to 66% of the route through. “It’s an extraordinary locator call, and one that bulls never get notification from different seekers.”

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