Thinking of investing in an expensive designer leather handbag? One of the first and foremost things you need to keep in mind is the process of taking care of your beautiful bags. Whether it is keeping your bags in the most pristine conditions and ensuring that it stays beautiful and retains it colors and softness for longer, there are a lot of practices you need to keep in mind and diligently follow to keep your favorite bags in good condition. While you can get some sweet deals to reduce the costs of designer leather handbags online when you use Deal Voucherz, here is the best list of care options that you need to keep in mind to maintain that handbag in good condition.

  1. Start caring from the first use

When it comes to using something like an expensive handbag, you need to invest in preventing any harm even before any issue takes place. Start using a leather protection cream from the very first day to help repel any possible stains from any accidents. It can also help in protecting the surface of your bag from scratches and other signs of wear and tear.

  1. Cleaning the bag out regularly

Whether your bag is brand new or years old, you need to ensure that you clean it regularly. Wipe down the bag at times with a piece of damp cloth and get them cleaned by professionals or using some professional grade cleaning product every alternate month to sustain them in the best possible condition.

  1. Stay away from the DIYs

In any other circumstance, a DIY hack can be pretty inexpensive and efficient, however with leather, they can lead to expensive damages like dried out leather and faded colors.

handbag design tips

  1. Keep the dust bags and fillers

If your handbags came with dust bags, keep them. This can prevent accidental scuff marks and the build-up of dust. Also keep it stuffed to help retain the shape. You can also store it with a pillowcase or stuff it with bubble wrap or old clothing items.

  1. Avoid using lighter bags with new denims

New denim jeans can often lead to dye transfers which are some of the toughest stains to get rid of and if the transfer is bad enough, it can be a permanent and irreversible damage. In order to prevent this from happening, you can either wash the new jeans out before you wear them or prevent the bag from coming in contact with the denims.

  1. Keep the lids on tight

You need to double check any pens, bottles of water or any other liquids to keep them from spilling into the bag and ruining it. Do not throw everything you own into a bag while you are in a rush. Ensure your liquids are in separate bags to ensure that they don’t spill into your expensive bags and ruin them forever.

  1. Remember where you are putting your bag

Whether you are in a restaurant, your car, at work or at home, you need to be mindful of where you are placing the bag. Putting your bag in spaces where it is exposed to heaters or direct sunlight can enable the color to fade which can contribute to cracks. You should clean and protect the bag every other month to prevent issues with staining and can help in conditioning the leather as well.

  1. Use hooks for your handbags

When you go out to dine, use the backs of the chair to store your clutches in order to protect them from dirty floors and tables. You can also use a hook designed for handbags to ensure your bags remain in pristine clean condition.


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