Building protects us from nature forces like rain, heat, cold, wind etc., The concrete structures on its own is porous and hence not watertight. The unprotected structures suffer from water induced damage including deterioration and corrosion caused by chlorination, oxidation and sulphation. They reduce alkalinity in concrete and turns acidic. The result, reinforcement bar catch rust and eventually expands, to drastically hamper load bearing capacity of the building structures. The continuous presence of water leads to constant dampness & humidity and promotes the growth of molds and fungus on walls and insects presence leading to health problem like asthma, skill allergies, rashes etc.,The consequent spalling of concrete plaster, flaking off expensive paint on interior/exterior ofwalls adversely impacts life and value of structure. If the buildings are notwaterproofed during constructions, it may result in costlyandhassle pronerepairwork in future. Local Basement Waterproofing Contractors Frankfort Il  is the solution to all your water proofing problems.


Monarch’s technologically advanced MonoProof waterproofing systems cover every need of Building & Construction industry to protect from water ingress or loss of water through structures. The complete building structures frombasement to roof are protected from rising dampness, moisture, seepages and leakages from basement to roof. The technology ranges to acrylic SBR latex, crystalline, epoxy, water repellant polysiloxanes, polyurethane and bituminous based formulations. The coating fills and seals concrete pores, micro cracks and capillary tracts in joints,walls and floors through whichwater seep through and forms an integral waterproofing compound without breaking the existing brick bat cobaand concrete screed.

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